Chairman's update - April 2021

As I write this we are on the cusp of starting the new 2021 cricket season on time, albeit with some restrictions that have carried over from 2020. 

The pandemic has taken its toll on everyone’s way of life and it is to be hoped that recovery can start in earnest as society takes steps to establish the 'new normal'.

This update is naturally quite lengthy so please take the time to read and absorb.

I start with a quick reflection on the recent loss of two former members, Derek Ufton and Des Gunner. Tributes to both can be found elsewhere on the Club’s communication channels (social media and website) and, in the case of Derek, in many of the UK’s national media websites. Both were very decent men and our thoughts go out to their families.

Over the coming weeks you will be receiving a number of communications updates. Some of these we are required to undertake to comply with our Constitution. Others are equally as important to provide members with as much visibility of how the Club is going about its own recovery from the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our Constitution requires the Club to hold an Annual General Meeting before 31st January.  We have communicated earlier this year that the 2021 AGM will be delayed until such time as we can organise a gathering of more than thirty people inside the Hesketh Park pavilion. Under current UK Gov guidelines that is not possible until 21st June at the earliest.  

Our Constitution also requires us to regularly review the make-up of the Management Committee (ManCo).  The current members of ManCo and other members of the Club that serve in support of ManCo and their respective willingness to continue to stand are as follows:

Harry Bright (Chairman) - willing to continue
Lynne Hill (Finance Officer) - has provided notice to stand down
Nicola Clark (General Secretary) - willing to continue

Supported by:
Surge Birring - willing to continue
Sandra Bright (Sponsorship and Fund raising) - willing to continue 
Neil Wilson (Grounds) - willing to continue

Paul Smyth (Chairman of Cricket) - willing to continue
Dave Walker - willing to continue
Martin Scott - willing to continue

I would welcome the opportunity for other names to come forward for consideration as part of ManCo. Would anyone interested please reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to register your interest.

In the case of the Finance Officer position, I am pleased to report that Martin Scott has offered to stand in replacement of Lynne Hill. These are hard shoes to fill but I have every confidence that Martin (who will have the support of Lynne and others in the background) is well qualified to succeed in this important role.  

However, in light of the above, we will instigate a grace period of fourteen days from today for members to provide alternatives to what is being proposed here. Should there be no objection then the Management Committee will continue as outlined in this communication.

Ultimately we have no option but to continue to delay the AGM until a suitable time and date in the future. In the meantime, you will shortly be receiving an update that includes our September 2020 Financial Accounts as well as various other notices all of which are relevant for the running of the Club.  

Please take the time to familiarise yourself with each communication and provide feedback so that Management Committee can continue to operate with the needs of members at the forefront of mind and decision making.

In closing, I wish you all good health and good spirits as we emerge from a very difficult last twelve months or so.

Best wishes

Harry Bright
Dartford Cricket Club