Spectators at Hesketh Park

In addition to Sam’s message, I wanted to clarify that spectators are not allowed at any cricket matches whilst we remain in Step 2 (12/4 - 17/5) of the government/ECB roadmap.

Under these rules, only 30 participants are allowed at each match. With both sets of players (22), umpires (2), scorer (1) and Sam (as General Manager), there is no room for our members to be around the pavilion. 

This also means it is not possible for our members to be served at the tuckshop unless the number of participants in attendance drops below 30. A participant/cricketer may purchase a drink for a member to take away and consume in the park but they should not do this while adjacent to the pavilion. 

However, as Hesketh Park is a public park, members are welcome to watch from within other areas of the park, as long as social distancing rules are followed. 

Please bear with us while we try to navigate through these new conditions. They will only be in place for a few weeks until we can return to how things were run last year and hopefully, another few weeks after that, we may be able to remove all restrictions.

Thank you for your understanding.

Paul Smyth
Chairman of Cricket